Connect Webex and Telegram

Two-way integration between groups.
Easy setup. Unlimited members, messages, files.
$25/month per connection. 7 days free trial.

Add to Webex space by email: [email protected] or see guide

Enterprise solution (separate audited backend or on-premise license, unlimited connections, branding): contact us

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How to use

Installation guide (7 steps, approx. 5 minutes)

1. Add Wxgram bot to your Webex space

On People tab, click "Add people" and enter this e-mail: [email protected]

2. Authorize the integration

After adding the bot, you'll see a message similar to this. Click "Authorize" and follow through the auth process. It should be done by someone who will always be present in the space: this person will serve as the bot's eyes.

3. Slide into DMs with Wxgram bot

Send any direct message to Wxgram.

On the presented screen, click "New connection" and finalize subscription.

4. Copy product key

After subscribing, click "Refresh" and copy the presented product key to the clipboard.

If you are on a mobile device, tap "Send key as message" to make copying easier.

5. Connect Webex space

Paste the product key in the Webex space.

6. Add @WxgramBot to Telegram group

In Telegram, press "Add members" and add @WxgramBot.

7. Connect Telegram group

Paste the product key there too.

All done

Welcome aboard!


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